Our Approach to Announcing Releases

Because you trust Box as a valued service provider and partner, we strive to inform you of when to expect the release of a product or feature that's important to you. With this in mind, we've outlined the guide below to inform you how we currently categorize our releases and when we post the supporting announcements and documentation. 


Overview of Box Release Tiers 


Customer Impact



  • New product or feature that immediately changes ALL Box customer environments
  • Requires admin/end-user or developer action to be taken, such to enable the feature, set rules, restriction, etc... 
  • Causes a break in Box workflow, user experience, or 3rd-party apps
  • End of Life (EOL) of products or features with medium to high utilization


  • New feature or integration that immediately impacts the user experience for a subset of customers
  • Minor addition or subtraction of a feature to ALL customer environments
  • EOL of features with low utilization 


  • Product or Partner Announcements on future release date 
  • Features or integrations that do not change existing workflow

Not Applicable

  • Bug Fixes
  • Core/Backend releases, for which end users/admins do not experience any change to Box workflow and user experience



Overview of Standard Communication Processes for Release Categories 

The customer impact, defined in the table above, drives the type of communication you receive. 

Communication Channels

High Customer Impact

Medium Customer Impact

Low Customer Impact

Customer Newsletter 

*To Admins, Co-admins and opted-in users

Click here to learn how to opt in   




Developer Newsletter 

**Sent to developer accounts that have been active within the last 90 days




***Product Updates on Box Community Site





Overview of how to view product update information on Community Site

We will make reasonable efforts to post product announcements for awareness a couple of weeks prior to the actual release of the product or feature. You can search for product updates from the main product update page on our Community site, by filtering by product, date, and/or by release status. 


How We Define Our Release Statuses


  • Coming Soon - means we are working towards a general availability of the product or feature in the upcoming weeks. We will make reasonable attempts to post at least a few weeks before the actual GA date; this is a simple "awareness" post. 
  • Rolling Out - means the release is currently in the process of distribution, and the actual release timeline spans several days/weeks.
  • Launched - means the product or feature is now live. These announcements will link to supporting knowledge base articles if applicable, otherwise these announcements will have the necessary information advising what the release is about.
  • Deprecated - means the End of Life (EOL) of the product or feature is being announced.
  • Announcement - means we're informing our customers of something that does not necessarily involve a product change; for example, a service announcement.
  • Behind a Feature Flip -means company Admins will have the ability to enable or disable this feature for their end users through settings in the Admin console.   Features that are not Behind a Feature Flip will not be containing this phrase in the product announcement, only applicable release statuses will contain this phrase.


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