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Over the past 10 years, we've devoted ourselves to building a content platform that is unbelievably simple and secure. With Box, employees can access file from anywhere, share securely with anyone, and work across any app. We're taking this obsession with simplicity and usability even further by introducing the All-New Box experience. With features including improved UI, Collections, Annotations, a streamlined Zoom integration and many more, Box allows you to unleash your best work across both individuals and teams. Here you can get more information on all the resources available for each of these exciting new enhancements.



Maximize End User Productivity


In the workplace, productivity is defined by efficiently completing your tasks to meet your goals. But with more files across more tools, it's become even more difficult for users to do their jobs effectively. Whether it's finding a file or organizing and prioritizing work, being productive often boils down to simply reducing the distractions to help you get to the information you need. In that vein, we're rolling out a few key features to help users do their best work. This section is for all the Box admins out there. When your teams (internal and external) can access shared content in Box, they will have a secure, simple collaboration experience on any device. 


  • a refreshed user experience to reduce distractions of working in Box
  • introducing Collections, a personalized way to organize files
  • key enhancements to streamline note-taking and file commenting


Refreshed user experience 

Availability: Public Beta - May 7th

Available in a public beta, our simpler, redesigned experience enables you to more easily find what you need. Key changes you will see include:

  • A reprioritized action bar to make it even easier to work with your content
  • A refreshed look and icons to make the experience more readable and easier to navigate
  • Reduced page load times enabling you to get to your work in half the time

Get started with configuring the beta here.



Introduction to the new UI and Collections

Intro to the new UI and Collections

Admin Guide for managing the new UI

A comprehensive written guide to deploying and managing the refreshed user experience for your organization.

 A list of frequently asked questions when using the New UI



Availability: Public Beta - May 7th

As you work across more teams and projects it means more content, more folders, and well - more chaos. Sometimes you just need to tidy it all up in a way that makes sense to you. Available in public beta beginning today, Collections allows users to create a dedicated space for projects or related content so that it's easier to access a specific set of files. You'll be able to add files, folders, or bookmarked documents - shared or not - into one or more personal Collections - without impacting collaborators access to those items in Box. 

Get started with configuring the beta here.



Introduction to the new UI and Collections

Intro to the new UI and Collections

Using Collections - Webapp 

Guide to using Collections in the Webapp

Using Collections - iOS

Guide to using Collections on iOS

Using Collections - Android

 Guide to using Collections on Android

Frequently Asked Questions 

A list of frequently asked questions when using Collections


Additional User Enhancements

Availability: Previously released

We want you to be able to get your work done, without all the additional clicks. That's why over the past 6 months or so we have made some enhancements to simplify how you work with your files in Box. 

  • Quickly navigate through content and collaborate on both Zip and RAW files directly within file preview without having to download the files.
  • With Box Notes File preview you can add shared links into a Box Note and quickly browse, read or play with the file without ever leaving Box Notes. 


Previewing Zip Files

Get an overview of how to preview Zip files in Box

Adding Hyperlink to Box Notes

Learn about previewing files in Box Notes


Power Better Team Collaboration


Imagine what happens when a team of individuals, with maximized productivity, are working together to achieve a goal. Collectively, you become unstoppable. But whenever you are working with more people, there are more review cycles, meetings and files needed - which can slow your processes down. That's why we have also been focusing on delivering new enhancements that streamline how you work together:

  • Introducing Annotations, to support free-form markup and streamline review processes

  • Built-in Zoom integration for instant access to virtual collaboration

  • Enhanced File Request, the simplest way to request and receive content from anyone



Availability: Coming Summer

A core piece of collaboration is the feedback and review process. As you work and collaborate on team projects, you need this process to be quick, seamless and to the point. Emailing a request to edit an attached file can only get you so far, you need the ability to comment directly on the specific item that needs attention- such as the time stamp in a video, line in a pdf or slide in a deck. In the coming weeks, we'll be launching Annotations on the web. With this new enhancement, you'll be able to simplify the review process with the ability to leave free form mark-ups and text comments while you are providing feedback. And, because we know your work comes in different forms we will be making it available across 100+ different file types.


Start Zoom Integration

Availability: Coming June

With this enhanced integration you'll have instant access to Zoom so you can create, start or join a meeting directly from the file you are working in. Instead of having to interrupt your flow to navigate to your Calendar or Zoom app you can stay in Box and seamlessly communicate face to face without all the clicks.


File Request

Availability: Generally available - May 7th

The new Box File Request is a simple, secure way to get files and metadata from anyone, even those without a Box account. With File Request, you can easily and quickly send a link to request files and supplemental information. Submitters drag-and-drop files and fill out the requested information. The files go directly into Box with the supplemental information automatically attached as metadata, which can be used to trigger workflows and make content more searchable. 



Introducing Box File Request

Overview of the new File Request experience

Administering Box File Request

Guide for admins on File Request settings  

Box File Request FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions when using File Request


Online events

Interested in learning more? Check out these events, accessible from wherever you work.


What's New with Box 

Join us on May 14 at 11:00 a.m. PT to learn more about all these enhancements designed to help you unleash your best work.


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