How to merge accounts

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How to merge accounts


A few employees at my office have multiple box accounts set up for their office work. We want to merge these accounts for better ease of use. I would like to avoid trying to move their folders one by one, but instead merge the accounts in one fell swoop.  Is there a fast way to merge two box accounts into one? 



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Re: How to merge accounts



This question might be better suited to the admin forum because it will take an admin to do this, but as long as we are here...


When an admin goes in to delete an account s/he is prompted to transfer the content to another user. So let's say the employee is Sherrie. We have accounts Sherrie1 and Sherrie2. You want to keep Sherrie1. The admin goes in and searches for Sheerie2. Once inside the user record you choose Delete this user.



When you choose that you will then see a dialog box (below) that will give you the option to transfer that content to another user. Here you would pull up Sherrie1 from the directory.


All of the data owned by Sherrie2 will show up in Sherrie1's account in one folder called "Sherrie2's files and folders" and can then be moved around however she would like. This should preserve the collaborations on the folders owned by Sherrie2. They just have a new owner. NOTE: Probably obvious, but we generally try to choose to delete the one with the least amount of data.


Finally, we go in an add Sherrie2's email as an alias in the Sherrie1 account in case anyone sents new collaboration invitations to the old account.


I hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything that is not clear or if there are additional questions.



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Re: How to merge accounts

Do the transferred folders/files maintain their original uploaded date from the 1st account from which they have been transferred into the 2nd account?


For example Sherri1 has files uploaded that are date-sampled January 12, 2016 and the account is being closed and the contents are being transferred to Sherri2 on November 23, 2017. When they show up in Sherri2 will the folder's contents that were uploaded on January 12, 2016 show as having been uploaded on that date or will they now show up as being uploaded on November 23, 2017.



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