File handling expectations?

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File handling expectations?


I'm fairly new to Box; my question has to do with what I should expect in terms of file handling speed. I'm using MacOS 10.15.5, and Safari 13.1.1; and Box Drive 2.16.121.

When I first fired up Box, I uploaded five folders' data, totaling about 75G. None of the files exceeded any of the size restrictions. Now, I find the need to move all of these files into a single folder. I did this on my Mac: create a new folder, then drag the contents of each folder in turn; in total, about 3300 files. I made this change the day before yesterday. As of this morning, and judging by the number of solid blue icons in the file name on my desktop, 16 folders appear to have been synced; I take this to mean that the files and folders are relocated on Box' end.

Does this seem excessive? The original upload of all the files required about 24 hours; again, I'm not sure if this is excessive, or not.

And so the question: does this performance appear to be within the realm of expected system performance, or am I doing something wrong?