Does any of the co-owners inherit ownership?

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Does any of the co-owners inherit ownership?

Currently I am the owner of a folder, and I have invited two co-owners. I will leave the company by the end of the week. Will any/one of the co-owners turn automatically into owner? So can the ownership be "inherited"? If not, will it affect the future availability of the folder, I mean that the owner doesn't exist anymore? I am asking this because the company will re-enter me next week, and I really need the folder to be live, up and running, because one of the co-owners will be needed to re-invite me as a co-owner/editor to be able to download my files again from Box to my future desktop.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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Re: Does any of the co-owners inherit ownership?

Hi @danielpeterkor


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Thanks for your detailed post about your folder ownership question. Have you checked out this Managing Collaborators article


Basically it wouldn't automatically transfer the ownership of your folder to your Co-Owners once you go inactive instead it will freeze your account and that would make your folder inaccessible. 


In this case, I recommend on Transferring the Folder Ownership: 


  • Locate the appropriate file
  • Click the Collaboration Icon to the right of the file/folder name. 
  • Alternatively, you can open the More Options menu and select Manage Collaborators
  • Find the collaborator whose access level you would like to modify. You can search by name using the Filter Collaborators search box in the upper right.
  • Under the Permissions column, click the user's access level to modify it. Select the appropriate access level from the dropdown that appears. In your case, simply select "Owner". 


Hope this helps! 


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Re: Does any of the co-owners inherit ownership?

Just a question regarding your solution herebelow.


When we click on the permission field there is no owner to select only Co-owner.


What can you advise?


Thank you