Bulk Shared Link Generation

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Bulk Shared Link Generation

A Digital Archivist is asking if there is a way to automate shared link generation in Box to get links to potentially hundreds of folders for distribution. The closest answer to this question I've found is https://community.box.com/t5/Box-How-To-Forum/How-Do-i-Create-A-List-of-Individual-Shared-Links-for-... which indicates that there is not a ready-made solution, but that it may be possible using the Box API. If the client is not a developer, is there any other way to accomplish the requested task? 

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Re: Bulk Shared Link Generation

Hi @SageLazenby,


At this time, you still cannot bulk generate shared links through the webapp. As recommended in the other forum posts, you can send a share link to the top parent folder and the user will have access to all the subfolders and content within the parent folder.


If you wish to create a separate shared link to each folder, you will have to manually generate a unique shared link for each file/folder. Hope that helps clarify.

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