Shared Link Settings

The type of your Box account, and the roles and permissions you assign to collaborators, determine which settings you can edit.



Edit shared link settings

To edit the settings of your shared link:

  1. In the Box window, hover on the file or folder.
  2. Click Share. You can also either click the right mouse button or the ellipsis (...) to access Share.
  3. In the Share window, click Link Settings. Box displays the Shared Link Settings window.
  4. Edit the settings to which you have access. To enable a setting, click its checkbox.
  5. Click Save.








When you share, move, or copy content, the permission to access those items might change, often to a less restrictive setting. More on how Box helps you keep your content secure.


Expire link on a specific date

You can set shared links to expire on a specific date. This is useful when you want someone to access a file for only a specific period of time.


Enterprise-level link expiration

Admins can apply a default shared link expiration date at the enterprise level.


To set a default expiration date for an enterprise:

  1. In Admin Console, click Enterprise Settings.
  2. At the top of the window, click Content and Sharing.
  3. In the Auto-Expiration pane, check the options you want to use. Options include:
    • automatically disabling shared links after a certain number of days
    • enabling item owners and editors to modify the expiration date
    • enabling notifications to affected users at a selected number of days before the shared links expire





  • Enterprise-level expiration settings are not retroactive, and apply only to content created after the enterprise-level link expiration setting is enabled.
  • When item owners and editors remove the expiration date of a shared link on a parent folder, Box does not automatically remove the expiration date of shared links on contained sub-folders and files.


Require a password to access

Box enables you to apply passwords to protect shared links, requiring anyone who follows the link to enter a password before accessing the file or folder.


Password protection is a premium feature, unavailable on free personal accounts. Only owners, co-owners, and editors can set this password.


Customize link URL

When you create a shared link, you can customize its ending. This feature is intended to make content readily accessible to large groups of users, externally or internally, using a customized URL that is easy to remember.

The custom ending to the link must be between twelve and thirty characters, and can use letters, numbers, and hyphens.


Custom URLs are only available to Business and Enterprise accounts. 


If the shared link is available with People with the link scope, then the linked folder or file is publicly accessible. Custom URL is appropriate for public-facing materials such as product documentation or marketing materials, and is not intended for the secure sharing of sensitive content.


  • Someone with a personal Box account can create additional custom links for any content owned by someone with a Business account, or above.
  • If folders or files are moved from one Enterprise to another, custom URLs are lost. The associated shared links of the files and folders – those links with the longer scrambled characters – remain.


Provide direct download link

A direct link is a web address (URL) that links directly to a file without using Box Preview. This is different from a regular shared link, which brings users to the Box Preview screen for the shared file.


Direct links end with the file's extension type. Therefore, if you are linking to a Microsoft Word document, a direct link ends with *.doc. When a collaborator clicks on the direct link, the file is downloaded onto his or her computer, or opened by a default program, depending on computer settings. Direct linking can also be used to host images or files for your website or blog.


Direct linking is available only for individual files, and is unavailable for folders. A link to a folder is always the web address of a Box page.



  • Direct links is a premium feature, unavailable on free personal accounts.
  • For security purposes, you cannot create a direct link for .msi and .exe files.  It is important to be aware that these file types can be harmful if downloaded from an untrusted source.



How do you access documents a "box" user has shared?

Hi @Sandie2!


Thank you for your first post on the community! Could you provide more details on where you're trying to access shared documents in Box? Were you unable to access a shared link that was sent to you?


If you log in to your Box account on your web browser, you should be directed to a page that shows all the files shared with you through Box. From this KB Article about file collaboration, if you were invited as a collaborator to a document, you should have received an invitation via email or a shared link from the owner of that document.


Hope to hear more information from you soon!


Box Community Management Intern

Hi! Is there a way to make specific shared linked settings default? For instance, we'd like the default to be "people in your company" "can view only" so users don't have to change this for each document they share (especially in one particular folder of our Box drive).

Hi @MB64!


Your enterprise's Admin or Co-Admins are able to change the default shared link settings by visiting the Admin Console > Enterprise Settings > Content & Settings > Default Permission for new links


From here, they'll be able to set the default selection to "People in your company" while retaining the ability to select the additional allowed options, though this setting will be enterprise-wide. Unfortunately, there is no setting for what the default setting for link viewers is. In the same Content & Settings section as above, you can select whether link viewers can only preview the item or if they're also allowed to download the item. In the case of the latter, both options will be available but the "Preview and download the shared item" will appear as the default while "Preview the shared item only" will be available as a choice in the drop-down menu. If you elect to choose the former option in the Admin Console, there will not be the option to change this setting to "Preview and download the shared item" when sharing the link.


I hope this answers your question!

We have a shared link suddenly expired, but this link has been used publicly. Can we resume this link and continue to use it?

Hi @lishiqi!


Box has security measures in place that do not allow any shared links with an expiration date to be able to use that URL again. That being said, you will be unable to resume using the same URL to link to a file or folder in Box, you will need to generate a new shared link URL to distribute to those that require access to the content. 


Please keep in mind that you are also able to invite users with Box account as external collaborators that can have individualised collaboration expiration dates

I'm owner of one box folder.  After the shared link expiry function on-board on Box, I experienced the shared link issue below:
1. When I enabled shared link, I didn't enable expiry date, and I shared out the folder/link to others to access
2. On the 2nd day when I logged box, I can find the expiry date is automatically enabled for only 1 day, and it will expire soon; Tried on the 3rd day, the shared link has been automatically disabled, other people cannot access via the original shared link.
Above issue seems a common issue. I heard several people experienced the similar issue.
Is it working as design? If yes, it's terrible.

If this is because of enterprise expiry setting (I cannot see this setting), the expiry date should display the 1st time I enable the shared link.
@alexrm @elii Thanks and look forward to the reply.


Hi @zhaorong 


Thanks for your question!


The admin of your Box account has most likely set a default expiration for shared links within your organization, especially if multiple users in your organization are seeing the same behavior. I recommend reaching out to your IT Admin to verify.



Hi Admin,

May i know how can i exit or log out from another one's collaboration Box Notes by myself?

There is no button in the More Options and i understand that this is because i am not have the permission level.

Or if there any way i can see the owner of this collaboration Box Notes? i am only have read level to this collaboration Box Notes.

i just want to quit another one's collaboration Box Notes by myself, may i know how?

Thank you.

please send copy to ***email address removed for privacy***