Creating Shared Links


Shared links enable you to quickly copy and share hyperlinks to content stored in Box with your coworkers and friends – both inside and outside the company. Sending someone a shared link to a file or folder is a way to work together with that person around shared content. Customizable permission levels, expiration dates and optional password-protection make Box shared links a secure, simple way to share important content.


Sharing a link

Simplified sharing enables you to quickly and easily share access to files and folders. Using the Share window, you can send to a collaborator a link to files and folders.


To open the Share window:

  1. In the Box window, hover on the file or folder.
  2. Click Share.  You can also either click the right mouse button or the ellipses (...) to access Share.







To share a link to a file or folder:

  1. In the Share window, if the Share Link slider button is gray, click it. Box displays the link to the file or folder.
  2. Click Link Security.  Box displays a list of link settings
  3. Edit your link settings and click Save
  4. Click Anyone in your company, and select the access permission you wish to assign to the collaborator.
  5. Click Can view and download, and select the activity you wish to assign to the collaborator.
  6. To get a copy of the link to paste into a separate email, in the Share window click Copy.
  7. To send the link through Box, in the Share window click the envelope icon.  Box displays the Email Link window. 
  8. In the Email Shared Link field, type the name or email address of the collaborator. 
  9. In the Message field, type a message of up to 750 characters for the collaborator.
  10. Click Send.
  11. To remove or cancel a shared link, click the Shared Link slider button again.




Shared link access

When creating a shared link, you will see these options:

  • People with the link: Anyone with the link can access the item and no Box account is required.  For extra security, you can also set a password or expiration for the link, as well as restrict download and/or preview access for link viewers.   
    • Password-protected shared links are available to all paid Box User accounts. 
  • Anyone in your company: Only people who: (1) are managed on a Box account (Starter and above); (2) have an email address that matches a domain registered with Box for the account that created the link, can access the link. For example, if is a registered domain on your account, all managed account members with an email address ending in will be able to access this type of link. People who do not match a domain listed on your account, even if they are managed members on your account, will not be able to access the link. 
    • When accessing the link, collaborators must log in to Box to verify their identities. People in your company is disabled if you do not have a validated business domain registered with Box. 
    • Collaborators in the folder can also access content if People in your company is selected. 
  • Invited people only: Only people invited to the folder or file can access the content. Collaborators already have access to their content, but can easily direct one another to a specific file or folder using the shared link.

The link options can be set on individual files and/or folders by the owner, across all owned content or by the admin for the entire company.


Detailed permissions

Permission Provided by Shared Link
Preview Yes
Download Configurable
Upload No
View / Add Comments Yes (via API)
View Item Collaborators No
View Item Owner Yes
View Item Creator Yes
View Item Modifier Yes
View / Edit Metadata Yes (via API)
View / Create Tasks No

("item" means the folder or file to which the shared link points.) 




  • People who have access to a shared link (either by your sending them a link, or their encountering it somewhere like a web page or forwarded email) are allowed to see and work with you on the content to which the shared link points. Depending on the link settings, these permissions may include downloading or editing the content.
  • Comments and metadata on files pointed to by a shared link can be viewed and created programatically via the API, even if they are not obviously visible in the preview experience.