Creating a Legal Hold in Box Governance


To set a legal hold, navigate to the Security tab of the Admin Console (the shield icon), then open the Legal Holds tab. Click Create in the upper-right to get started.


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    1. Start by giving your Legal Hold a descriptive name. This name must be unique. A description is optional.
    2. Next, set a date range for retained files.
      • If you select an end date, only content created or modified during the specified date range will be held.
      • If you do not select an end date, the Legal Hold will hold all content that custodians interact with while the policy is in effect.
      • This date range cannot be edited once set.
    3. Click Next.  The Add Custodians screen displays.
    4. Select users for your legal hold.  To do this, click Add Custodians, or click Add in the upper-right corner to add users.

      legal holds 2

    5. Enter names in the Usernames field to add them as custodians.
      • These must be current users in your Box account.
      • The hold will impact all content they own or have access to at any permission level, including content in that user's trash.
      • The content held will be limited to only what was created or modified in the date range selected in Step 2.
    6. When you finish adding custodians, click Save to create your legal hold. 

Note   The time to apply the legal hold policy (both initially and for any new files) depends on the number of files affected by the hold – the more objects you hold (files, folders, custodians), the longer it takes for the hold to become active.  To verify that your legal hold is in fact applied, in your admin console navigate back to the Legal Holds tab and run a Legal Holds report to check for ongoing policies.

You can release a legal hold you've created at any time from the Legal Holds tab in the admin console.

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