Different Box Sync users generally have different paths (for example, C:\Users\<username>\Box Sync) for their respective Box Sync folders. As such, some files may contain links to other documents that use absolute paths and are not accessible to another collaborator. For example, a finance department may have a complex Excel workbook that references other workbooks and Excel searches for the full path of another Excel file at V:\Finance\Excel1\Excel2. This results in a broken link for other collaborators.


To work around this problem, use the Box Sync workflow provided below.


Box Sync Solution

Ensure that all users collaborating on Excel files use the same path for their Box Sync folder (e.g. C:\Box Sync). This ensures that all link references resolve correctly for all users collaborating on that content.

This solution only works for users who access Excel files using Box Sync. Collaborators who use Box Edit or download the files from the Box web application will not be able to use this solution.

For this workaround to function as expected, each collaborator must use the same local folder drive letter and ensure that they don't alter the location.


Process to Set up Linked Spreadsheets

  1. Install Box Sync 4.0. If you have already installed and logged into Sync 4.0 without customizing, you must uninstall and reinstall sync in order to change its location (see How Do I Install or Uninstall Box Sync 4.0).
  2. Before logging into Box Sync 4.0 for the first time you must designate a sync folder location that all users can access (often the C: Drive). To designate a sync folder location, see Can A User Select The Box Sync Folder Location or Can An Admin Change The Default Folder Location For Box Sync
  3. Sync all folders containing spreadsheets that link to one another. You can now collaborate with your team on linked spreadsheets via Box Sync.