Specific Known Issues with Box Tools

This article summarizes some known issues or limitations with Box Tools v4. The information here is not relevant for any previous version of Box Tools or Box Edit. 



  • Applications using an embedded Safari/WebKit-based webview to display the login for Box will unable to pass Device Trust logins. Device Trust requires a Safari browser extension and these webviews do not provide access to Safari browser extensions.
  • OS X 10.10 (Yosmite) users will be unable to use Box Tools v4. Please update to a supported configuration
  • OS X 10.11.6+ users may be able to use Box Tools v4 if a supported browser version is used. However, since OS X 10.11 is not a supported OS, any issues reported will need to be reproduced on a supported OS to receive support from Box. 
  • Box Tools does not support networks that only allow IPv6. 


  • Using Box Tools v4 in Internet Explorer may require additional configuration: https://community.box.com/t5/Box-Edit-Troubleshooting/Box-Tools-Internet-Explorer-Configuration-Guid...

  • Unsupported operating systems and browsers may be unable to use Box Tools v4. Please update to a supported configuration

  • Microsoft Edge does not yet support the functionality needed by Box Tools v4. It's possible a future Microsoft Edge release will add support for Box Tools v4's functionality. 
  • It's possible to have two copies of Box Tools v4 installed which may cause issues such as files not opening through Box Edit or a missing "Open" button in the Box.com webapp. If a user has the single-user version installed, the machine-wide version may be installed as well and would result in two copies installed. The recommendation is to uninstall the single-user version. 
  • Box Tools does not support networks that only allow IPv6. 
  • The Box Tools installer may very briefly display a message with Chinese characters during install. This will be resolved in a future update. 
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