Deploying Box Edit With Casper

We have general instructions for installation with Casper Suite, which should be similar for any application which is installed on a per-user basis:
  1. Launch JAMF Composer on a system with no previous Box Edit installation (a clean VM is ideal).
  2. Create a new package, selecting the 'Normal Snapshot' method from the Monitoring Installation type. Wait for the 'Before' snapshot to complete.
  3. Perform a normal installation of Box Edit using the generally available Box Edit.dmg.
  4. When the Box Edit installation completes, Click 'Create Package Source'.
  5. Edit the created package to remove the created log files (since these are an artifact of the app running after installation).
  6. Select .dmg as the package type for proper per-user distribution.


When creating the install package with Casper Suite, the admin must indicate that the package is intended to be installed per-user. After putting the package into Casper, open the package attributes (from the Casper Suite documentation):


To change package attributes using Casper Admin: 

  1. Open Casper Admin. 
  2. Select the package that you want to change. 
  3. Click the Info button in the toolbar. 
  4. Make changes to the information on the Info and Options panes, and then click OK
Check the 'Fill User Templates' and 'Fill Existing Users' settings in the 'Options' pane.
The package should now deploy properly, for each user, with Casper Suite.
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