Box Edit Frequently Asked Questions

Here are additional frequently asked questions about Box Edit and its use cases.


Does Box Edit work on mobile browsers?

Currently, Box Edit only works on web browsers and Box Embed. It is not available for mobile devices. However, Box OneCloud partners provide Box Edit-like functionality on mobile devices, such as CloudOn or QuickOffice.


Can Box Edit be deployed or used in a virtual environment?

Box Edit may work in a virtual environment, but there are certain known limitations. Be sure to use the MSI installer on VM/VDI. For more information, see Using Box in Virtual Environments.


Does Box Edit support Limited User accounts?

Yes, Box Edit can be installed with a limited user account (Mac & Windows).


Does Box Edit support proxies?

Yes, for both Windows and Mac. You may need to whitelist if your proxy is blocking Box Edit. Please review the DNS and Proxy configuration article.


Box Edit will use the proxy to access Box data and download documents. Please note that Box Edit also communicates with the local browser using the domain:

This domain points to the local system and in order for Box Edit to work, communications to this domain must go direct and not through a proxy.


What happens if a collaborator opens and edits a document I'm editing?

If you don't lock a file and another collaborator edits said file while you are also editing it, Box Edit creates two copies of the file on Box, so you can easily track changes separately and ensure content remains consistent. 


How is Box Edit different from Box Sync? Do they overlap at all?

Box Sync is designed to keep all your important content updated on your computer’s desktop, even when a colleague uploads a new version. You can access files and make edits directly from your desktop, and the updated versions are added to Box where the rest of your team can access them.


Box Edit provides the same benefits, but is designed for quick edits when you’re working from the Box web app. You can open, edit, and save a file without ever needing to leave Box – this add-on feature is ideal for content that’s not already synced to your desktop.


Can admins block their users from using Box Edit?

Yes, admins can disable this add-on feature for their users in the Box Admin console.


How long are files opened by Box Edit stored on my computer?

On Windows computers, files are stored locally for 7 days. On Mac computers, they are stored locally for 21 days (3 weeks).


Once this time period has expired for a file, it will be deleted the next time Box Edit is launched (typically when a user restarts their computer). If you open a file through Box Edit, do not leave it open for longer than the storage periods listed above. Changes made to this file may be lost after this timeframe. To avoid running into this issue, close the after each editing session and reopen the file from the web application to begin a new set of edits.


Where does Box Edit store edited files?


For Windows

Win 7:

%LocalAppData%\Box\Box Edit\Documents

This would look like:

Win 7: 

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Box\Box Edit\Documents


For Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box Edit/Documents/



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