Using Box Custom Skills

Box Skills apply third-party AI technologies to automatically analyze files as they’re uploaded Box.  Box Skills provide you with rich insights about your content, like automatically labeling objects that appear in your image files or generating transcripts for audio files.


The Primary Admin can authorize Box Skills on specific folders in the Box Admin Console.  Once authorized, any file uploaded to an authorized folder will be automatically analyzed by a third-party AI service.  Your Admin can enable multiple Skills in your company’s instance of Box, applying different AI technologies to different types of content that your company works with.  For instructions on how to enable and configure Box Skills, please visit this guide .


Box Skills are automatically triggered when you upload, copy, or move a file into a folder.  There is no further action required to trigger a Skill.  When a Box Skill finishes analyzing a file, click on the file to display the file’s metadata in a separate pane on the righthand portion of your screen.  Depending on the type of analysis the Skill performs, the pane will display information such as tags, transcripts, extracted text, or faces detected in the file.


When your admin has authorized a Skill on a folder for you, you can begin applying Box Skills to your files.  This is a very simple task.


Viewing the results of the Box Skill analysis

  1. To display the data the Box Skill has created about a file, click the file.  Box opens a preview of the file, with a pane on the righthand side to display additional file information.
  2. To see the output of a Skill’s analysis, click the wand icon. 

In this pane, Box displays all of the data gleaned from the Skill analysis.  The information presented in this pane is generated by a third-party AI technology.


Note   The data displayed varies based on the AI technology used, the type of analysis the Skill performs, and the type of file that was analyzed.


This Skills card...

…displays this information


Any faces (or other images) detected by a Box Skill.


Click an image to display a blue bar.  This bar is a timeline that highlights each time within the file where that person or object appears.


A list of topics, keywords or labels detected by the Box Skill.


Click a keyword to display a blue bar.  This bar is a timeline that highlights each time within the file when that topic appears.


A transcript, with associated time references, as detected by the Box Skill. This card may also be used to display general text about a file.


Click any point in the transcript to jump to that part of the file.


Note   If there is an error in processing a file, Box also displays an Error section.  Click the section header for details about the error.  If there is an unknown Skill error, we recommend you re-upload a new version of the given file. If this error persists, please contact Box Support.


Modifying Skills Data

If you have the proper user permissions, you can edit most of the Skills metadata sections to revise or supplement the data the Box Skill provides.  You can do this, for example, to remove unwanted or incorrect keywords, correct portions of a transcript, or add your own keywords or notes to a transcript.


To edit Skills data

  1. Click to expand the section you want.
  2. Click the pencil icon.  This icon will be visible only if you have the permissions to edit metadata on a file.
    • To delete a face, click the X next to the face you want to delete.
    • To delete a keyword, click the X next to the keyword you want to delete.
    • To add a keyword, click the line below the last row of keywords.  Type in your keyword and click Save.
    • To edit an audio or video transcript – for example, to correct or remove text that was incorrectly transcribed – click the section of the transcript you want. That section displays in discrete box.  Make the changes you want, and then click Save
Tip   You cannot reformat the transcript (for example, you cannot change the font style or add bold or underlining).  But you can annotate the transcript by adding your own text at the end of each section and set it apart by placing your text in brackets or typing it in all upper case.


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