Licensing on the AWS Marketplace

AWS customers can license Box Platform and Box View via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. This allows them to license Box Platform or Box View using their existing payment terms and billing relationship with AWS. 
The products available on AWS Marketplace are no different from those you can license directly from Box. The advantage of the AWS Marketplace is to maintain a single billing infrastructure. 

Troubleshooting signup

If you're having trouble signing up for Box Platform on the AWS Marketplace, it's likely that the email address you're using is already associated with a Box account in some way. 


Before proceeding, check the following:

  • Verify that you haven't used the email address to sign up for a Box account in the past
  • Verify that the email domain you're using isn't already signed up for a Box corporate account (for example: if you're an employee of Acme Corporation, and Acme Corporation has already purchased Box licenses, you may already have a Box account if you used the email

In either of the above situations the best way to proceed is to simply use a different email account 


If changing the email doesn't work, please contact us through regular support channels -


Billing and Invoicing

What if I have questions about my invoice?

What do I need to do to cancel the renewal to my subscription?

  • Log into your AWS MP account and choose cancel my renewal, which will take effect on your next scheduled renewal date.

How do I do to request a refund?

  • All purchases are final, but you can cancel the renewal to your subscription and it will take effect at the time of your next scheduled monthly renewal date.



For more information about using Box Platform, please visit: 
More about Box and Amazon Web Services
Box offers cloud content management for developers with its Box Platform and Box View offerings. To minimize friction for developers building applications using AWS services, we have made Box Platform and Box View available on the AWS Marketplace. 
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