Found issue on box landing page

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Found issue on box landing page

Hi there,


I was unable to find the ideas section on the community.


I found an issue on one of the registration landing page which talks about boxworks,17 event. The page itself has a very long form which I believe the users are not going to fill/engage with it.


If the user information has to be gathered in so much detail, then I would prefer to have the different design with different sections in which user doesn't feel lazy in filling the such long forms. If the audience is very selective, in that case as well it should not be created in a way which looks too much heavy with the fields.


The whole form can be divided into different sections so that the users can easily understand and fill it. The interaction levels can be increased to engage the user instead of terrifying him with such a number of fields. 






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Re: Found issue on box landing page

Hi Vikas,


Thanks for your post.

This suggestion section is intended for the community site, but I'll be happy to pass this suggestion to our BoxWorks team.


Appreciate your feedback and hope to see you at BoxWorks!

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