Unable to Create Shared Link with Certain Access Level

With Shared Links, there are three default access levels that you can choose: 


  • People with the Link: Anyone that has the URL can access the file. 
  • People in my Company: Any Box User with your company email domain and that is logged into their account can access.  
  • People in this Folder: Any Box User collaborated on the folder you are sharing or the folder that contains the file you are sharing can access. 

However, some users may not see the option to create a Shared Link at one of these levels. 


Troubleshooting Steps


  1. Make sure that the Shared Link access level is enabled at the Enterprise level. 
    1. If you are not an Admin, please reach out to your account's Admin or Company IT team to check this setting. 
  2. Check your Account Settings > Sharing settings to make sure you've enabled the problem access level for your own account. 
    1. It is possible to limit your own sharing settings further than what is required by the Admin. 
  3. If you do not have the "People in [Company Name]" option, make sure your Box account has your company's email domain listed. You will want to reach out to an Administrator if you are not one for this step. 
    1. To set a company-level domain, we must have at least one email domain attached to your account. Otherwise, we cannot easily verify a user's "in company" status. 
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