Create an Embed Widget


To create a widget, first check the folder settings to verify that the folder is set for sharing and that you have Viewer or higher collaboration permissions.  

  • Open the More Options menu by clicking the ellipsis (...) (or by right-clicking the file).
  • Select Embed Widget.
  • You will be presented with a window which includes HTML iframe code for your new widget, as well as options to adjust the size and default view type of your widget.


embed widget - 1


  • Preview your embedded folder by clicking Preview.
  • When you have finished customizing, copy the HTML code in the Embed Code field and paste this code into any website or page that supports embed code, and your widget will be published.
  • As you add new files to the folder associated with that widget, the new files will appear in your widget automatically.


  • The native Embed widget respects all settings applied in shared link settings. This includes "Link Expiration", "Password Protection", and "Allow Download".
  • To adjust the expiration date and password of the embed widget, you must adjust the settings in shared link settings.  Shared link settings directly affect embed widget settings.