Box Upload Embed Widget

The Upload Embed Widget enables users to embed a small Box interface onto any website, blog, social networking service, intranet, or any public URL that supports HTML embed code (this feature is not available for non-paying Personal accounts.)


Using the Box Upload widget, you can allow people to upload files into a specific folder within your account. This feature is useful when your business needs will require customers or associates to send any type of file without requiring them to log in or to create a Box account.


To create an Upload Widget

  • Right-click any folder you own or are co-owner of (or click the ellipses (...) to open the More Options menu).
  • Under More Actions, click Upload Embed Widget.
  • In the window that appears, you can add a title that will appear at the top of the widget, as well as instructions for uploaders.
  • You can also set whether users will need to enter an email address before uploading files, or whether they will be able to leave a description of the file they are uploading.

  • Copy and paste the generated code into any website or posting page that supports JavaScript code and your widget will be published for the world to access. As new files or folders are uploaded, you will be able to see and access these files while viewing the folder within your Box account.


People accessing your widget will not be able to view or access the contents of your folder. They will only see a widget like the one shown below:


Want send someone your Upload Embed Widget directly, as opposed to embedding it into a website? Simply click "Upload Embed Widget", then click "Preview". Copy and Paste the new URL from the preview page. You can send people this URL (in an email, for example), and then they can access the uploader.


NOTE: The Upload Embed Widget only allows uploads of one file at a time. 


NOTE: The Upload Embed Widget code generated via the web app is not modifiable.

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