Setting Security Classifications in Box Governance

Security classification is a feature that enables users to classify files based on their confidentiality and enforce security policies associated with that confidentiality level. This helps companies protect sensitive information and encourage smarter user behavior when handling that content. 

Note: Security classification is available by request to all Box Governance customers. If you aren't sure if your enterprise has enabled classification, check with your Box administrator.



If your administrator has enabled security classification in your enterprise, you can classify files using the custom classification levels your administrator has created. You can also search for specific classified content.


Classifying Content

 To classify a file: 
  • Select the file you wish to classify
  • In the right-hand sidebar, click Add Classification.File - add classifications highlighted zoom out.png
  • Select the appropriate classification level from the dropdown.
  • Click Done to save your classification
Depending on the settings put in place by your administrator, you may see a visual indicator that the file has been classified. It will look something like this:
classification - 2

Searching for Classified Content


  • Click the Advanced Search icon
  • Select the Metadata tab
  • Select Classification from the Metadata Template drop down menu
  • Select the appropriate Classification Label from the Classification drop down menu
  • Click the Search Icon or hit Enter to search. 


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