Set Policy and Automation rules for your organization to streamline content management. You can set rules that will ensure adherence with your content restrictions. Different events can be set to trigger actions of your choice. For example, if you’d like to be notified whenever someone from a certain domain views or downloads files from your organization’s account, you can set that up as an automated event in one of your Policies.



Automations are available to all Enterprise customers and above. Policies are only available to customers who have purchased the Box Governance package.


What’s the difference between Policies and Automation?

Policies can be set to take action for certain events related to uploading files with specific content, download rates, or sharing files with specific domains. Automation rules take certain actions whenever files are uploaded or tasks are completed in specific folders. Policies are meant to manage content in accordance with your organization’s security requirements, while Automation is meant to create a more streamlined flow for your organization’s content.


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