Webhook v1 not working

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Webhook v1 not working

I just created a webhook v1 notification for some events, and I'm not receiving any of these notifications.
To my understanding is pretty simple to create this kind of notification, but for some reason is not working, quick checklist:
- I checked the option "manage webhooks"
- I have configured the webhook v1 with the options that I need to listen
- The endpoint of notification is a valid https url

The webhooks v2 don't cover my scenario where I need to listen for changes in the root folder.


Maybe you can give some guidance of something that I haven't configured or where to see to get more info 


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Webhook v1 not working

Just adding more information.
The webhook v1 is working when I use the same account that I used to create the webhook v1 notification, but is not working with the others account that I'm connecting to the application that I want.

Another difference when I sued the same account of the owner of the application the permissions for the webhook v1 are listed like "as well as listen to this events:...", but with the others users I can not see this list of additional permissions.

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Re: Webhook v1 not working

Answering my question, I received this information that I didn't know about the webhooks v1 and It might help to somebody else, "As long as your webhooks are set to 'development' mode, only actions taken by application developers will trigger webhook notifications".

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