Uploading Files and Folders to Box

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Uploading Files and Folders to Box

Is there any method in which i will give path of Box like Folder1-> SubFolder1 and box will upload my file to that location.

Here, Url be like Folder1->SubFolder1->FileName1.


Or is there any alternative way to provide this kind facility where giving input from client 

  1. Path where we want to upload 
  2. File which we wants to upload


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Re: Uploading Files and Folders to Box

@deepjadia To upload a file to a specific folder, you have to provide the id for that folder. Based on your example, you would have to know the id for "SubFolder1" to upload a file there. 


You can find the folder id for "SubFolder1" by using the Search endpoint. You can limit the search results by specifying "Folder1" as the value of the ancestor_folder_ids parameter, which will limit the results to only items in "Folder1". You can also limit the search results to only folders by setting the type parameter to folder.