Suggested timeout .NET SDK UploadUsingSessionAsync

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Suggested timeout .NET SDK UploadUsingSessionAsync



We have a c# app that uses the .NET SDK, and UploadUsingSessionAsync and UploadAsync (UploadAsync speed is ok as files are not too big)


Works OK, but could be a lot quicker. (browser uploads are very fast)

I can't find any documentation to suggest what value (if any) we should use for timeout.

I wonder if using null is not ideal.

Here is our upload code;


if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(SourceFileName))
using (var file = File.OpenRead(SourceFileName))
Logger.Log.AddToLog(string.Format("going to upload file: {0}", SourceFileName));
var fileName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(SourceFileName);
var progress = new Progress<BoxProgress>(val =>
Console.WriteLine("{0}%", val.progress);
CurrentProgress = val.progress;
Logger.Log.AddToLog(string.Format("uploading progress: {0}%", val.progress));

BoxFile bFile;
if (file.Length > 20 * 1024 * 1024)
bFile = await userClient.FilesManager.UploadUsingSessionAsync(file, fileName, jobFolder.Id, null, progress);
BoxFileRequest uploadRequest = new BoxFileRequest()
Name = fileName,
Parent = new BoxFolderRequest { Id = jobFolder.Id }
bFile = await userClient.FilesManager.UploadAsync(uploadRequest, file);
Logger.Log.AddToLog(string.Format("uploading done: {0}", SourceFileName));