Read box files in python

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Read box files in python

I want to read a set of excel files directly from BOX to my jupyter notebook where I can work with them every-time these files are updated within BOX. I have tried much of the documents available but no luck.

My company has an enterprise version of box and the url looks like

I want to read this url > go to a folder location and read the file from there or directly read the file from the file id.


I do have a developers account with client id, client secret and development token available but I am not sure how to use this information while connecting with box. 


The basic question, to read box files directly into python


Re: Read box files in python

Hi @ishan42d, I stongly recommend you to use the Box Python SDK and authenticate (either via JWT approach or 3 legged Oauth2) and get the access token & client connection setup. Post this you can call the List Folder Items & download required files. Hope this helps