Metadata Template Search Results Issue

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Metadata Template Search Results Issue


I'm looking for assistance in investigating the difference between a file uploaded manually versus a file uploaded via script automation.  The same metadata and template is being used in both types of file uploads, but only the file uploaded manually gets picked up by the metadata template search results. 


For example, the metadata template values were populated on file #1, after being manually uploaded to Box.  I can use the advanced metadata template search to find the file based on any of the metadata search criteria.  This has been validated repeatedly with manual files and works as expected.


File #2 is the same file type and has the same metadata, but gets uploaded to Box via API script. The file can be opened after it is uploaded, and correct metadata template and metadata values are attached to the file as expected. But, when performing an advanced search using the metadata template, file #2 returns zero results.

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Re: Metadata Template Search Results Issue

Not sure if this helps but I had the same issue and noticed that it takes a while for the search to start working after uploading a file via code.

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