Information Box on Hover

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Information Box on Hover

Does anyone know how to add an information box on mouse hover in the drag and drop forms? 


When my clients choose a specific product in the drop down menu, i want to make it so that they can get info on that product when they hover over it with their mouse. 


Does anyone know how to do this? 

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Re: Information Box on Hover

Hi @infiniatechinfo,


I'm assuming that you're referring to one of the Box UI Elements? If so, the CSS and JavaScript that power those components can be hosted locally within your application, meaning that you can override the functionality.


For instance, you could set up a JavaScript function that will fire on hover within the be-item-name class, which I can see is the class that is applied by Elements for the name of a file / folder in the content explorer element.


In essence, you can take the standard CSS / JavaScript and just modify it for your needs.


- Jon