Getting access_denied_insufficient_permissions

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Getting access_denied_insufficient_permissions

I try to upload files using postman with token but I am getting access_denied_insufficient_permissions.


I gave all kinds of permission to that user using box developer in Application Scopes and reauthorized also but still getting below error 


    "message""Access denied - insufficient permission"
So anyone can help me to resolved that issues?


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Re: Getting access_denied_insufficient_permissions

There are a few reasons this can be happening that I can think of:

  1. You need broader scopes / permissions set in the app. Since you already mentioned that you did this, and reauthorized, this is most likely not the cause. 
  2. The token that you're using is scoped for another account which doesn't have access to the folder you're trying to upload to. A developer token is scoped for the account of a developer, a JWT application access token is initially scoped for the service account of the app, etc. This is a common issue that pops up. To test whether that's the cause you can try uploading the file to folder ID 0, which is the root of the account. Every account has a root, so if it goes through then this is the reason.

- Jon