Error:"Invalid value 'd_xxxxxxxxxx2'" while using Box config file

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Error:"Invalid value 'd_xxxxxxxxxx2'" while using Box config file

Hi All
I am facing an issue only when using Box config file.

It is failing exactly on the line highlighted in below code snippet.

I am passing "xxxxxxxxxx2" as my parent folder Id. But in the exception message it seems to be appending "d_" before the parent folder Id.
Whereas, I can see no issue when using Developer Token for the same task.

The API returned an error code: 404
{"type":"error","status":404,"code":"not_found","context_info":{"errors":[{"reason":"invalid_parameter","name":"folder","message":"Invalid value 'd_xxxxxxxxxx2'. 'folder' with value 'd_xxxxxxxxxx2' not found"}]},"help_url":"http:\/\/\/docs\/#errors","message":"Not Found","request_id":"ejhgfyugchbakus6"}

Code snippet:

Reader reader = new FileReader("src/main/resources/xxxxxxxx_xxxxx_config.json");
BoxConfig boxConfig = BoxConfig.readFrom(reader);
IAccessTokenCache accessTokenCache = new InMemoryLRUAccessTokenCache(100);
BoxDeveloperEditionAPIConnection bac = BoxDeveloperEditionAPIConnection.getAppEnterpriseConnection(boxConfig, accessTokenCache);

BoxFolder bfolder = new BoxFolder(bac, "xxxxxxxxxx2");
for (BoxItem.Info itemInfo : bfolder) {
if (itemInfo instanceof BoxFolder.Info) {
BoxFolder.Info folderInfo = (BoxFolder.Info) itemInfo;
info = folderInfo;

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Re: Error:"Invalid value 'd_xxxxxxxxxx2'" while using Box config file



This usually indicates that the token you're using does not own or have collaborator access to the folder ID you're passing in. 




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Re: Error:"Invalid value 'd_xxxxxxxxxx2'" while using Box config file

Hi, I am having the same error with the following additional details:

I created a folder (I assume the ownership is tied to my User Account)

I can't access perform uploads/downloads to this folder with my App (Service Account).


I have authorised my app to 'Act as User'

My app is also authorised to read and write.


What other steps am I missing to deal with this issue of 'collaborator/access'?

Appreciate your help on this.