Embed Widget Customization Confusion

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Embed Widget Customization Confusion



I am a developer for a non-profit's Portal web application, and they are looking to integrate Box into the Portal app.


Right now, when non-profit employees coordinate with clients, they set up a box account for them on our site, and they simply act as an additional viewer/uploader for that folder. 


The non-profit would like clients to be able to access and upload files to box from within our Portal Application. Our application has a pretty solid permissions system and so 


This sounds like a perfect use case for the embed widget. 


So I've been following the steps discussed at these two locations (nearly identical, but I'm not sure which is newer):




The issue that I'm coming across is that users can then use the top nav, or the search button to navigate away from the intended context that was generated.


I really like the "show_parent_path" parameter, as that eliminates one way for users to navigate around, but the search box still exists.


At both of those links, the Box Admin Video Library demo has somehow done away with that search option, and I can't figure out how.


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Re: Embed Widget Customization Confusion

Couldn't quite see how to edit the post, so I'm replying.


I think a really good example of what I'm trying to accomplish is the example widget in the links I provided. It has very limited capabilities in the options dropdown, and has none of the following:


-Search Icon/Capability

-Folder Creation

-GearBox with options


But none of the docs on the widget that I've seen have controls for these features and others.


Thanks again