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Content Explorer React


I am attempting to display Box folder content inside of a context explorer within a React application. I am able to pass the token into Content Explorer as a prop however, it seems I constantly keep getting a 401 error. I have confirmed that the access token is being generated via console.log as well as an text that displays on the page. 

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Hi @jwalker-dev,


By any chance are you using a JWT based application? If so, the common underlying issue to a 401 is because the application isn't authorized by the enterprise admin. Here's a guide on how to do that.


Basically, creating a JWT app is a 2 step process to ensure that random apps aren't created with wide-ranging permissions that do damage to the entprise:

  1. The app is created by the developer
  2. The app is approved by the admin to make API calls

Until step 2 is complete you will get 401 errors when trying to connect to Box APIs.


- Jon