Choose account during authorization

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Choose account during authorization

Is it exist any query parameter or another possibility to bring a user to a page where he will have the possibility to choose another account/enter his credentials every time he enters /api/oauth2/authorize/, instead of redirecting him to the connected account.


I see nothing similar to this in documentation


Waiting for your help.

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Re: Choose account during authorization

Hi @marimiku,


Thanks for reaching out. I think this one has come up before more in the context of normal box logins, vs specifically the OAuth2 flow:


One thing I think would be helpful is posting in there and letting us know what you or your users are using multiple box accounts for. Is it that users have personal box accounts and work box accounts that they're keeping separate? Multiple work accounts? Something else? Please let us know in Pulse!


One way that I manage this personally is using different Chrome Profiles:


that way if I do need to manage a different Box account, I can switch profiles within Chrome.