Box UI Elements - Pick and choose features

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Box UI Elements - Pick and choose features

Let me start off by saying Box UI Elements are exceptional pieces of development that have cut down my integration code by a huge portion, so I have a great deal of respect for the creation and maintenance of these libraries.

However, I am having an issue with the unique sets of features available within the Content Explorer and Content Picker libraries that are supplied. I would greatly like to implement multi select into the Content Explorer library or implement some of the features lost by Content Picker into it when switching from Content Explorer. Does anyone know of a way to get this done? I would hate to have to maintain a modified library myself if it can be avoided.

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Re: Box UI Elements - Pick and choose features

Hi @Netops,


Our apologies for the delay in getting this response out. For this feature, unfortunately this will need to be an improvement ask from the core Elements, so there are two options here:

  1. You can adjust the library to add the features yourself (not ideal, and something you called out that you would prefer not to do).
  2. You can request that this become an enhanced feature for Elements. We use Box Pulse for customers to provide feedback on products, what they'd like to see, etc. From an initial look, it appears that similar requests have been made of Elements, so I'd recommend watching the movement on those requests as changes happen. It won't be immediate, but everything will be taken into consideration as roadmaps for coming quarters are designed.

- Jon