Box CLI Error Self Signed Certificate

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Box CLI Error Self Signed Certificate



I am using the Windows Box CLI client and when I attempt to run a box command like "box users", I receive the error: self signed certificate in certificate chain. We use a TLS proxy at work, so this error makes sense to me. I see someone else posted about this which was kind of helpful but I was unable to resolve the issue.


It appears that I need to set either of these two environment variables in Node but I'm not sure how. When I launch "C:\Program Files\@boxcli\client\bin\node.exe" I don't see any relevant options in .help.




I tried adding NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED as a system environment variable in Windows but that didn't resolve the issue. This is my first time attempting to use Box CLI and my first time explicitly using node.js.


Any help is appreciated.

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