Box API add folder permissions

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Box API add folder permissions

When I authenticate to box API, and list folders I only see those folders the API is a co-owner of - 


curl Authorization: Bearer [AuthToken]


I do not see how to add the API user account to new folders.  When I click on "Sharing" I only see enterprise users, and not applications.  I believe in the past this was possible to do via the web interface...


How can I add my API user to existing folders?

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Re: Box API add folder permissions

Hi @jkrebsbach, If I understand you correctly you are unable to add your JWT automation user to the folders via the web interface and hence API response does not include those folders in the response.



In such a scenario you can get the email address of the JWT automation user via and add the email address with required permission as a collaborator in the web interface.


Do let me know if this solves your problem

- Nayak