Batch create a large number of folders

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Batch create a large number of folders

Hi, I was hoping to get a recommendation to alter the folder structure for a fairly large number of existing folders. The specific case is we have over 10,000 existing folders, all of which have to be modified to contain a set of sub-folders leading to creating what may be over 100,000 new folders in total. I was looking at Box's  CLI utility to batch create the folders but my initial bench-marking suggest this would take somewhere in the neighborhood  of > 12 hours assuming the rate remains constant, however, after a couple hours of running the CLI utility in a sandbox environment the creation rate seemed to drop off noticeably so I'm not confident in how long running the script would actually take.   

I was wondering if there is another suggestion to do this. 





After experimenting with a couple different solutions I went with a simple console app using Box's sdk to dynamically create a number of app users to split the workload between. Each app user essentially created about 5% of the total workload and creating > 80000 folders took just about an hour. I guess a script would have worked too assuming the script also divided the workload and used multiple accounts as that was essentially the bottleneck.


Re: Batch create a large number of folders

I would recommend you to use Python / Ruby sdk to implement a simple script for folder modifications.