Annotations in Content Preview not saving to server

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Annotations in Content Preview not saving to server

Doing a POC on the Content Preview and trying to get annotations to work. I am working locally in a vue.js spa accessing a folder created on our company's BOX repository ([companyname] Adding folder/files locally through my local application syncs fine. My issue is when I add a  annotation to a document, it doesn't sync back to the main BOX repository.

The annotation seems to be saved for my workspace as I can see it as long as I don't update the document on the main repository.

Watching the events while doing it,i get an annotationsaved event (below), but no threadannotationsaved event.

Also, I've tried this with a oAuth token I generated through my app and with a Developer token from the application configuration page and get the same result.


Any help would be appreciated.


My Content Preview show call:, accessToken, {
        container: '.box_preview', showDownload: true, showAnnotations: true