Your Recents page contains the last 1000 files you've accessed, starting with the ones you've accessed most recently. This includes files opened in other Box applications or on other devices.
To open Recents, simply click Recents in the left hand sidebar.


The following files will appear in this section:

  • Previewed files
  • Uploaded files
  • Modified files
  • Files you commented on
  • Files opened from a shared link

By default, your Recents list will include both files you accessed directly and files you viewed via a shared link that was sent to you. If you would like to see only files you accessed via shared links, click All Recents, then select Viewed via Shared Link.



You can preview and share files from the Recents page (if you have permission to do so), but you will need to go to the file's parent folder or the preview screen to take other actions on the file (move, download, etc).


If you have permission to access to a file's parent folder, it will be linked beneath the file name. You may not have access to the parent folders of files accessed via shared links.


Note: The Recents section is capped at 50 items per page for performance reasons.

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