Accessing Version History

Any time you use Box Edit or upload a new version of a document, Box overwrites the old version of your file with the updated version. Box keeps track of all file versions, and you can revert to an old version of a file at any time. The total number of saved file versions is displayed in the right sidebar when a file is selected. 


A new version will get added when:

  • Editing the file using Box Edit
  • Editing the file within your Box Sync or Box Drive folder
  • Using the "Upload New Version" button on the web app
  • Uploading a file into a folder that has an existing file with the exact same name in it on the web app


Account administrators can limit the number of file versions that are saved under the Custom Setup tab of your Enterprise Settings. Click here for more information. 


To view the version history of a file:

  • Click on file next to the file name to select it. 
  • In the right sidebar, the number of saved versions will be displayed. Click on the number of saved versions to open the Version History window. You can also open the Version History window by right-clicking on a file (or by clicking the ellipses (...)), and selecting Version History. 
Saved Version.png


  • The version history window will show you all versions of your file, with the current version at the top.
  • From here, you can "Download" or "Remove" (X) a version. You can also revert back to a previous version by clicking on "Make Current".

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Versions will not add to the size of the file. The file size will only be changed based on the edits and modifications you make to that file.


The maximum number of file versions you can save corresponds to your Box account type:

    • Personal Free - Unavailable* 
    • Personal Pro - 10 Versions
    • Starter - 25 Versions
    • Business/Business Plus - 50 Versions
    • Enterprise - 100 Versions
    • Elite - Unlimited
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