Accessing Version History

Any time you use Box Edit or upload a new version of a document, Box overwrites — but does not discard — the old version of your file with the updated version.  Box keeps track of all file versions, and you can refer or revert to a prior version of a file at any time.


If there are multiple versions of a file, then when you select a file, Box displays in the right sidebar the total number of saved versions of that file.


Box updates a file version each time you:


  • edit the file using Box Edit
  • edit the file within your Box Sync or Box Drive folder
  • use the "Upload New Version" button on the Web app
  • upload a file into a folder that has an existing file with the exact same name in it on the Box Web app.

With the exception of customers of Box Governance, the number of file versions that Box saves is limited. The maximum number of prior file versions you can access corresponds to your Box account type:

  • Personal Free - 1 Version
  • Personal Pro - 10 Versions
  • Starter - 25 Versions
  • Business/Business Plus - 50 Versions
  • Enterprise - 100 Versions

Customers of Box Governance have the additional option of saving an unlimited number of file versions.


Account administrators can set or modify the maximum number of file versions that Box tracks and saves.


To access a prior version of a file:

  1. Click next to the file name to select it.
  2. Next to the file size, click the ellipsis (...).
  3. In the sub-menu that displays, click Properties, and then click Version History. The Version History window opens. This window displays all versions of your file, in reverse chronological order, beginning with the current version.

managing files and folders - 6

  • To download any version of the file, locate the version you want and click Download.
  • To make a prior version of the file the current version, locate the version you want and click Make Current.
  • To delete a prior version, locate the version you want and click Remove.


Note: When Box displays the number of file versions, it does not include the current version of the file. That means there will always be 1 more version of a file than Box displays. For example, even if you limited the number of file versions to 1, you would still have 2 versions of the file:

  1. the current version
  2. the most recent prior version


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