Box For EMM: Do Not Download Directly From Apple App Store

Although the Box for EMM application is available through the Apple App Store, it should not be downloaded from there directly to your device. Doing so will result in the following error messages:



Why does this happen?

In order to successfully login to Box for EMM, there must be an App Configuration that provides necessary details about your company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration, the status of your device and the validity of the app installation. Without this information, the login will fail automatically.


This information can only be passed from your company’s MDM provider to your application when the app is pushed to your device or is installed from the MDM provider’s “app catalogue”. When the application is installed from the App Store, the necessary information is never included and therefore, the EMM login process fails.


Next Steps

Check with your internal IT team to determine whether Box for EMM has been configured and enabled for your company’s Box account. If so, ask them to make it available in the App Catalogue or push it to your device.

If it is not set up and it should be, please have a Box Administrator reach out to their Box representative for next steps!

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