Box Shuttle: Content Migration Services

If you have more than 1 TB of data or 100,000 files to migrate to your Box account, you should consider making using of Box's Content Migration services, or Box Shuttle. Although any Business or Enterprise can use these services, they are ideal for organizations with more than 1 TB of data. If you are interested in using Box's Content Migration services, contact your customer success manager or account executive. Box Shuttle is not available through Online Sales, but you can go directly to our other content migration partners, Cloud FastPath or SkySync.




Our migration services support your move from on-premise servers, enterprise content management systems, and cloud platforms with a range of customizable migration tools and dedicated experts in Box Consulting.
We will partner with you to:
  • Outline and organize the project: We will work with you to create an individualized migration plan with key milestones from inception to delivery and implementation guidance to ensure your move stays on track.
  • Figure out what you need and what you don’t: We can help you determine what to keep live, purge, or archive as well as identify the security and governance requirements of your selected data.
  • Add intelligence to your content: We can apply your existing user permissions, metadata, retention policies and other custom attributes as we move your files into Box from their previous environment.
  • Track progress: We provide full visibility to customers throughout the process and give IT admins and end-users control over their data during the migration. 


Software Migrations:

Box also offers software data migrations. Box Consulting will help you along every step of the process, but here's a brief overview of how it works:

  1. Begin by analyzing your data and defining the scope and sources for migration.
  2. Work with Box Consulting to designate the specific content that will be migrated and establish a timeline.
  3. Box Consulting will work with you to configure the necessary tools for content migration.
  4. If necessary, Box Consulting will work with you to perform a user and/or permissions mapping analysis and generate outputs for validation.
  5. Box configures, monitors and manages the over-the-wire migration to your Box account.
  6. Once the migration is complete, Box will provide you with a full report detailing the results.
How long will the process take?
Migration time can vary from a few days to multiple months, depending on the complexity and volume of data. Please work with your Box Account Executive to estimate the duration.
Known Limitations/Caveats:
  • All standard Box limitations apply, including the maximum file size and storage allocation for your Box plan.
  • The ability to map user permissions to Box is not available for all supported source sytems.
  • A local software installation is required for connections to on-premise sources.


Will I have access to my content during the migration period?

  • As a best practice, Box recommends that you do not access migrated content in Box until the process is complete for a given user group. Your content can be accessed in the source system during a migration.
  • We will be able to help capture any edits that are generated during the initial migration, and Box Consulting will work with you to define a migration cutover plan to minimize user disruption.
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