Note: Old Box Experience

This page refers to the old Box experience. In Box, hover over a single file or folder with your mouse. If the item looks like the following image, you are in the right place.


Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.Files and folders should look like this when you hover over them.

If the item does not look like the image above, visit one of the links below instead:

See the "Allow or block websites from using plug-ins" section of Apple's support documentation for detailed steps to enable the Java plug-in in Safari for Box.
Please make sure you have Java installed and enabled in Safari. Check for "Java" in Apple "System Preferences". 
  1. Login to your Box account in Safari.
  2. Choose Safari > Preferencesthen click Security 
  3. Make sure the Internet plug-ins: "Allow Plug-ins" option is checked and then select the "Plug-in Settings" button.
  4. Find Java in the left-hand list. Make sure it has a check in it's checkbox.
  5. In the list of Configured Websites, look for or 
  6. Press and hold the "Option" key on your keyboard, then select the Off drop-down and select "Run in Safe Mode" to disable it.
  7. Click the "Trust" button when you see the dialog to trust "" to run "Java" in unsafe mode. This setting will allow your files/folders to upload to your Box account
  8. Select the drop-down again and change "Off" to "On" or "Ask"
  9. Click the DONE button and close the Security preferences
  10. Try Upload Folders again.
  11. You should see a popup dialog asking: "Do you want to trust the website '' to use the 'Java' plug-in"?  Select the "Trust" button
  12. Next you may see "Do you want to run this application?from Publisher Box, Inc.
  13. Click the Run button. You should see the "Add files" button to upload your files and folders.