My Storage Is Full

Admins can set limits on how much storage is allotted to each particular account within their enterprise. Users will have to abide by this limit. There are various times where after deleting items, users still get this issue.

Problem: User deleted items, but is still prompted with an error.


Cause: User deleted the files/folders, but they are still present in the trash

** Note: Trashed items will still count towards a user's storage since it can be recovered and put back into the user's account. A user must also empty their trash**
Solution: Have the user go to their main Box page > click on their name in the top right hand corner > trash > > sort by 'Items I Own' > delete. Once this is done, space will be freed up. If it does not, please open a case with our User Services team. A second option would be to ask the admin to increase the amount of storage allotted.
Problem: User is collaborating in a folder, and is prompted with the error message below:
Cause: The owner of the folder does not have enough space in their account. 
Solution: The owner of this folder will have to delete content from their Box account and trash or ask their admin for more space. The end user cannot do anything further. If this does not work, please open a ticket with our User Services team                          
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