If you are encountering problems downloading files from your Box account, we recommend you try


Other things to keep in mind:


  • Bulk download has a 15 GB file size limit for all types of accounts.
  • Files will download into the default location determined by your browser(ex. Downloads folder)
  • Downloaded files from Firefox will download in Read Only mode if the download option "Open In" is selected. If you would like to edit the downloaded file, please choose the Save As option when downloading the file.
  • If the option to download a file within a collaborative folder is not available to you in Box, then you may not have the proper Access Level for that collaborative folder to download the file. Please check your access level on the collaborative folder. If you are a Previewer, Uploader or Previewer-Uploader on the folder, you would not be able to download files in this folder.
  • When you download a folder from Box, the folder will download to your computer as a zipped file. You will have to unzip the folder once it has successfully downloaded to your computer.
  • Box measures bandwidth usage based on downloads from open access shared links. All downloads from any public shared link count towards the bandwidth limit. Depending on the size of the files being shared and the frequency of downloads, you can reach this limit quite quickly based on the file format (GIF, FLV, MP3, and so forth). Click here for more info. 


If you still have problems downloading a file after running through these steps, please run a connection diagnostics test from within your Box account. Once you have done this, please submit a support ticket and let us know you have run a connection diagnostics test.