Cannot Upload Folders With Safari Browser

If you're having trouble using the Folder Uploader on Box while using the Safari browser on your Mac, your Safari settings may be blocking the Java applet from running correctly.


  1. Review the "Allow or block websites from using plug-ins" section of Apple's support documentation for detailed steps to enable the Java plug-in in Safari for Box.
  2. Make sure you have Java installed and enabled in Safari. You can check to see that "Java" exists in Apple's System Preferences. If not, reinstall Java on your machine (you may need to work with your IT admin to ensure the correct version/installer for your environment is used).
  3. Check your Java settings in Safari preferences:
    1. Login to your Box account in Safari.
    2. Choose Safari > Preferences, then click Security.
    3. Make sure Enable JaveScript is checked.
    4. Select the Websites tab

      Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.22.08 PM.png

    5. Find Java in the left-hand list under the Plug-ins section and make sure it is checked

      Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.27.44 PM.png

    6. In the list of Currently Open Websites or Configured Websites, look for or It may also appear as
    7. Press and hold the Option key on your keyboard, then select the Off drop-down and select Run in Safe Mode to disable it.
    8. Click the Trust button when you see the popup dialog to trust " to run "Java" in unsafe mode." This setting is required to allow your files and folders to upload to your Box account.

      Safari safe mode.png

    9. Select the drop-down again and change Off to either On or Ask.
    10. Click the done button and close the Websites dialog.
    11. Now try Upload Folders again.
    12. Click the Run button if you see "Do you want to run this application?" from Publisher: Box, Inc.

      Run Box Java.png

    13. Click the Continue button if you see this popup dialog from Website: certificate.png
    14. Click the Trust button when you see a popup dialog asking: "Do you want to trust the website '' to use the 'Java' plug-in"?

      Trust Java Plug-in.png


You should now be able to click the Upload button in Box after adding your files and folders.

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