Box Connectivity Tests

Please use this page to verify your computer can reach all of the Box servers. If you have a firewall/proxy enabled, it may cause some of the test images below to show "Blocked".


Review the set of images below for each Box service.


If you see "Blocked" in the place of any images below please:

  1. Try clicking on the blocked image to open it in a new window and look for any additional error messages.
  2. Check our firewall instructions: Configuring a Firewall for Box.
  3. Run the Box Connection Diagnostic test to see if your connection is at an optimum level.
  4. Contact Box Product Support and include a screenshot of any blocked images.

Box Webapp Blocked

Box Upload Blocked Blocked

Box (CDN Images, CSS, JS) Blocked

Box Download Blocked Blocked

Box International PoPs

Japan Upload Zone Blocked Germany Upload Zone Blocked

Box SSO Login Blocked

Box Login Blocked

Box Zones

US Zone BlockedDE Zone BlockedJP Zone BlockedGermany Download Zone BlockedJapan Download Zone Blocked


Verify your reported location:

  • Locate My IP Address...
  • The Country Code and Location fields returned from the link above should indicate your approximate location.
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