Editing a Managed User's Settings

To edit a Managed User's settings:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Admin Console.
  2. In the left pane, click Users & Groups.
  3. Click Managed Users and locate the user you would like to edit and select Change User Settings from the drop-down menu. Here you can edit any of the information entered when initially creating the user, including:
    • Name,
    • Email,
    • Storage Allocation,
    • Shared Contacts,
    • Groups, and Folder Access.
  4. Click Save.





For other options, you can use the following tools such as Instant Login or Bulk Editing Users.



Set a Managed User's Status


  • User can log in and use their account normally.
  • User cannot log into Box via any endpoint (Box Webapp, Box Sync, Box for mobile, etc.).
  • User's active Box sessions are terminated upon the next action taken (user will be logged out the next time they attempt to access, modify, or create content).
  • Folders owned by inactive user will be hidden from all collaborators, but will still be accessible via the Content Manager. These folders will appear to have been removed, even though the content is still stored in Box. This content will be made visible again if the owner's status is changed.  
Cannot Delete & Edit
  • User can still log into Box normally, active Box sessions are not terminated, but user is not able to Edit or Delete any content stored in Box. User can still upload/share content as needed.
Cannot Delete, Edit, & Upload
  • User can still log into Box normally, active Box sessions are not terminated, but user is not able to Edit, Delete, or Upload any content stored in Box.


Some Box admins use the Inactive option to place an employee on legal hold: When applied, the user will be unable to access their account (but please note that inactive users still count toward your contracted number of seats).


Finally, to completely remove a user from your account, look to the Edit User Account Details section and click the Delete This User link. You can delete and transfer a user through these steps here.

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