Assigning Zones through the Admin Console

You can assign the people in your Enterprise to any Zone your company has purchased.  When you assign people to a Zone, their existing files migrate over, and any new files and folders they create within their own root folder are mapped to the assigned Zone. If they create a file within someone else's root folder, that file is mapped to the storage policy of the owner of the file. 


To assign a Zone to someone:


  1. Access the Admin Console using the left-side tool bar.
    Select Admin Console.png


  2.  Select the person  to whom you would like to assign a Zone.
    Select User.png

  3. Select the Zone from the "Data Residency Zone" drop-down menu.

    Admin Console Data Residency.png


If you do not manually assign someone to a Zone, Box automatically assigns that person to your enterprise's default Zone.

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