To add more than one new user at once quickly:

  1. In the Managed Users tab, click Bulk Add.



    In the Bulk add user accounts table, use each line to add up to three users. 
  2. Optionally, you click the Download formatted <file format> Template link from the upper right. This will download a spreadsheet to your computer which will allow you to add as many new users as needed.
  3.  Once you have made your changes in this file and saved it, click the Upload <file format> file link and upload the file to update the users in your account.


To add new users:

  1. In the Managed Users tab, click Bulk Add.
  2. Fill each cell of the row with the following information:
    • Name: The user's name.
    • Email Address: The user's email address.
    • Groups: This allows you to assign a user to a group which you have created. This column requires each group to be separated by ; (semicolon), not , (comma).
    • GB: The amount of the pooled storage allotted to this user for their own files. To assign them unlimited access to the pool enter unlimited.
  3. Check Shared contacts to pre-fill their contacts lists with the names of other managed users in your account.
  4. Check Enable Sync to allow users to sync files between Box and their desktops.
  5. Once you have added the users, click Okay to save your settings and create the users.