BCP at BoxWorks Digital FAQs

  • What is BCP at BoxWorks Digital?

    • BCP is our premier Box Certified Professional program that helps customers get the most out of their Box implementation. Leveraging the new BCP Online format, and making exclusive modifications for our unique BoxWorks cohort, this is your chance to experience an all new approach to BCP during BoxWorks Digital.
  • How is this different than BCP Online?

    • BCP at BoxWorks Digital offers a unique experience to complete 3 of our live learning labs in one day with your BoxWorks cohort on September 16. Prior to BoxWorks, you'll be prompted to complete the full self-paced BCP Online curriculum, as well as attend a special pre-BoxWorks Admin Console & Best Practices live learning lab the week of September 7.
    • After this experience, you'll be fully equipped to take the certification exam and earn your Box Certified Professional credentials. The exam will be available for $100 through Box university following BoxWorks Digital.
  • How much time should I set aside to complete the BCP at BoxWorks Digital course?

    • In total, 6-9 hours is a good estimate. The time will breakdown into the following efforts:
      • If you have not attended Admin Essentials, please plan an hour to complete this prerequisite.
      • The self-paced curriculum portion will take approximately 3-5 hours. This should be completed prior to attending the live learning labs.
      • The first live learning lab, Admin Console and Best Practices, is approximately one hour and is offered at 4 separate times during the week of September 7.
      • The main BCP at BoxWorks Digital event will be approximately 2 hours long and will cover the remaining 3 live learning labs. Be sure to login for this event on September 16 at 9am Pacific time!
  • When will the BCP exam be available?

    • The BCP exam will be available for $100 purchase on September 16, 2020.
  • Am I required to attend the learning labs?

    • While not required, the learning labs are highly recommended and a great way to see the BCP lesson objectives in action. The labs for BCP at BoxWorks Digital are what set this cohort apart from our standard BCP Online offering.
  • Which learning labs are hosted as part of BoxWorks Digital?

    • All of them! The Admin Console & Best Practices live learning lab will be offered 4 times during the week of September 7th to allow individuals to choose a time and day that works for them. Then at 9am Pacific time on September 16th, the remaining 3 live learning labs - Business Process Optimization, Business Process Transformation, and Managing Change for End Users - will be offered in one session for our unique BoxWorks cohort.
  • How do I sign up for BCP at BoxWorks Digital? 

    • Navigate to Box University where you can register for BCP training event at BoxWorks Digital.
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